5:30 PM February 21st, 2019 at High Point Networks
728 E Beaton Dr, West Fargo, ND 58078


Windows as a Service 1809 Sneak Peak

The two part session of WaaS in the Enterprise at MMSMOA last year was hailed as the best sessions of the conference. It covered things you could to in order to get to the next version of Windows 10 by minimizing risk and maximizing velocity. This year we are working on adding more features and capabilities to WaaS 1809. One of the features we are working on is providing app testers and early adopters the ability to go back to the previous OS within 5 minutes in the event apps are not working or there are other issues. Most importantly, the reason why is being collected so that we can take action on the issue and the end user can continue to work on the previous OS until it is resolved.

About Mike Terrill

Mike’s career has been focused around systems management (SCCM) and operating system deployment for over 21 years (ever since SMS v1.2). He is a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP and runs the Arizona Systems Management User Group. He specializes in the design, architecture and installation of Configuration Manager and Windows operating system deployments. In his career, Mike architected and deployed System Center Configuration Manager in several Fortune 100 companies and is currently architecting WaaS in the Enterprise for a 400K seat environment.

About Gary Blok

Works for a large enterprise, focusing on Windows 10 Upgrades and Deployments. Frequent speaker at MMS and author of garytown.com.